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Is inhabitants an issue? — with Julian Simon (1994) | THINK TANK – jj

Is inhabitants an issue? — with Julian Simon (1994) | THINK TANK

Original air date: June 17, 1994 The world population has greatly risen. Is this increase a real problem and a justifiable cause for the world to be fearful? Or is it …


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  1. Yet another quarter century squandered! The human race, stupid and arrogant beyond belief! If we had shown the slightest bit of compassion and respect to other species – both animal and plant – on our planet, there would be only one billion of us (if we had done everything absolutely perfect, the planet might have been able to sustain almost 2 billion). Multi-plying like rabbits, landing like locust, we have already reached over seven billion (7,700,000,000, heading towards 12B), so our species has been removed from the list of intelligent beings – an updated list, that covers the entire Laniakea ("immense heaven") Supercluster, stretched out over 160 megaparsecs (520 million light-years).

    The fact that we have – during wars, massacres, genocides, crusades, jihads, rebellions, conflicts-disputes-quarrels-strifes-feuds, murders – killed 4 billion of our own species, and seriously wounded another 8 billion, has not gone unnoticed. In the galaxies' planetary data base, our planet has a huge warning sign to all space travelers: Do Not Enter. The Planet Tellus is famous, throughout the galaxies, as the home for a species with an extremely high viciousness rating – the humans. Unlucky tigers, and millions of other species, who ended up on a planet that includes us.

    That is an absolutely horrendous, violent history – which, I'm pretty sure, puts us into the top 1% of violent species ever to emerge, out of the ooze, on the 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. goldilocks planets in the observable Universe.

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