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SECRETARIAT – 1973 Belmont Stakes – Half 4 (CBS) – jj

SECRETARIAT – 1973 Belmont Stakes – Half 4 (CBS)

Jack Whitaker, Frank Wright and Woody Broun discuss the field before the historic running of the Belmont. The great Chic Anderson provides his classic call of the race.
Stay tuned for the CBS broadcasts of the 1973 Kentucky Derby and Preakness, as well as many other broadcasts from the past.


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  1. As a huge sports fan myself, I say without hesitation that Big Red was the greatest athlete …. and his Belmont was the greatest sporting accomplishment …. ever!! Complete perfection in every way.

  2. Tthe Belmont. Watch the last 20 yrds. or so. Watch Turcotte. Watch his head. The horse was running that day n sayin 'Man, I feel good.'He was doing all that n his own till Turcotte glanced @ the Longines Timer n realized if he ASKED him 2 run, a World record was possible. Turcotte said, "I always wanted2 c what this big puppy could do. let's go. N he did. A picture, rarely seen taken from the dead front, shows the horse, eyes , due 2 some quirk of lighting glowing n U know what the horse was sayin? 'Man , I feel good!'

  3. U hate a 'something' U just know, n wonder if every 1 else does. The world will never know just how fast that horse was cause except fro the last 100 yrds or so of the Belmont, he was never asked 2 run. He just felt like it. Imagine fellin that good n then showing the world n that last 100 just how really good I feel?

  4. very inspiring creature.He teaches us that you dont need to have a perfect record to be the greatest and most loved.The great moments always outshine the losses in life.And one can rise up to greatness after experiencibg defeats.Those TC wins were just phenomenal,jawdropping,record setting.His records still stand to this day.I remember those moments.A joy forever i will remember till death.

  5. The most stunning sports performance ever captured on film. In a thoroughbred horse race where:

    1. Secretariat's lead is given in fractions of a mile.
    2. The camera has to pan back to see the rest of the field after he crosses the finish line.
    3. Ron Turcotte said that the horse was running 'easy' that day. No strain.
    4. Secretariat set a world record in the mile and a half that day. Still stands.

  6. I recall an interview with Mrs. Penny Tweedy (now Chenery – who in 2015, is age 93 – and God bless HER big heart!) Secretariat's owner, said that for some few seconds she thought it would be "Sham's day."  Sham was a great horse as well, and had beaten Secretariat in a previous race.  Miss Penny was fully accepting of the outcome (and missing out on the Triple Crown title), but knew that she and her team did all they could to ensure Secretariat's win at the Belmont Stakes.  And just as this thought went through her mind (was Secretariat reading it?) he kicked into a higher gear which seemed to scream, "in no way will I lose this!" The great Sham was left in the dust by the incredible (!) drive of Secretariat.  Sham was very good – and Secretariat was simply great!  Secretariat (on June 9, 1973) was already a star – by the early morning hours of June 10th he was a legend.

  7. 10,000 is probably because of me. I can not watch this miracle horse enough. This horse should be watched 2 billion times by now. ZENYATTA is my second favorite horse. This world has seen great horses so far, like Frankel, Ruffian, Black Caviar, ZENYATTA, but SECRETARIAT will always be ahead of these great horses forever.

  8. As Secretariat rounded the last turn trainers of every other horse were in the infield and were screaming encouragement and ecstatically rooting for Secretariat for they for knew they were watching a wondrous event: the most amazing horse in history.

  9. While my heart will always belong to Big Red, I have a soft stop for the tough, scrappy Seattle Slew. Sometimes, I think he won by sheer will. He was an underdog, always. The racing establishment loathed him. I guess the reason was because he wasn't owned by blue bloods. Every time he met Affirmed, he won. Affirmed was a great racehouse, along with Sham. Sham just had the misfortune to compete against Secretariat.

  10. I watch this a couple of times a year. I still think the horse is going to collapse down  the stretch every time I watch it….  I remember after watching Secretariat start dead last in the Derby and Preakness, I remember  thinking during the week, what would happen if this horse started out normally? Well, I found out!

  11. Right before he goes into the winners circle, the people cheer and then it looked like Secretariat was saying thank you to them by bobbing his head a few times in front of the audience. LOL what a character.

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