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High 10 Restaurant Server Errors – jj

High 10 Restaurant Server Errors

If you are a server then these are what will ruin your tip percentage. Check it out. Support my work here and get rewards: Patreon.com/ShawnIndigo Shawn …



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  1. I'm a fussy customer who is sometimes hard to please, but if more servers followed your advice, I would definitely be more satisfied.

    Regarding a few things: For hygiene, nothing dulls my appetite more than a server who is chewing gum. I had one this past New Year's Eve in an upscale restaurant.

    Bringing the credit card or change back quickly: One of my hot button areas, but I understand why it takes a while. Some restaurants have a policy that taking orders takes priority over completing the payment process. What I like are lowscale restaurants where I bring the payment myself to a cashier. But even some IHOPs (Jenkintown, PA, I'm looking at you) and Denny's have moved toward paying the server.

    Regarding refills: My main need for refills is water. What I hate is having an unfinished glass removed from my table to be refilled elsewhere. Apparently, it must be considered tacky to bring the pitcher over to the table to do this (not in my eyes), and they likely don't want to waste a clean glass by just bringing a full replacement. I DO NOT want my glass with water still in it removed from my table without the server asking me first if I want a refill. I want the chance to say, "Yes, please, but without removing this one, leaving me with nothing while I wait." Either they'll bring the pitcher over, bring me a fresh full glass, or realize they'd better do the refill quickly if they must remove it.

  2. We went a small restourant with my brother in a touristic place.We ordered our food that takes about 10 minutes to cook.we gave the order they brought us our drinks but the food was not coming.after ten minutes two other groups of clients came and ordered their meals.Then i hardly called a waitress to ask about our food.At first it felt like they were just ignoring us.He told us its about to be ready.Then 18 minutes had passed and i saw that the two groups of people are getting their meals before us.After seeing that shit i turned to my brother and told "lets get the fuck out of this place".I left some money for the drinks and when we were getting up our food just arrived.but it was too late.
    I did exactly the same act manytimes because of that.Not that i am waiting them to make a mistake.
    Among all the reasons , this one really pisses me off the most.
    In short , as you said they have to inform clients.

  3. Here are three things you(the so-called expert) missed in the first minute.
    1. You are calling your viewers "you guys". Don't say this to a table of mixed company.
    2. Call the customers "guests".
    3. When checking on a table, don't ever use the world "ok". Ask more specific questions…."is your filet the right temperature", "how is your veal parmesan", 'is there anything else I can get for you at this time?"

  4. What about the jackasses that sit down, refuse to open the menu, say, "I know what I want", and then they proceed to ask what we have and it is as though i must read the menu for them. I will answer two questions… on the second question I will open the menu and point out the answer as I also verbalize it. On the third question I will leave: I will say to them " you know, I don't want to rush you. Please look over your choices for just a moment so that you get exactly what you like, and I will be back right away.

  5. I had a server bringing new servings of an all you can eat item WELL before I could finish the previous serving (AND before I asked for it). The trouble being I had to leave uneaten food on the earlier plate so the food on the new plate wouldn't get cold.

  6. We eat out every day and we can tell right off if it's going to be a good meal or a bad one.  If they don't write our order down, most of the time it will be wrong.  This next thing happens to us about 50% of the time and is a pet peeve of mine.  The server stops by to check on us and as soon as someone asks for something they're gone, not giving other people time to answer.  Food under our table, on the table or on the chairs.  If our food takes forever to get and the server acts like nothings wrong.  As we sit waiting on our food we look to see if the person runs into the kitchen only to fly past with only one thing in their hand, over and over.  Cold food or the wrong food brought to the table.  We do reviews of every restaurant we try and my rule is, if they put the food on the table it's fair game for the review.  If they notice something is wrong and don't bring the food out or don't set it down, they get a pass.  Being out of sight with my card for more that 60 sec. is a big red flag, I always get up and go looking for my card and them.

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