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  1. Normally the statement of head of state will be considered above the state department of that state but if the state department is issuing a statement after clean 24 hours than the state departments statement will be considered final after all state department is also under the state head . It should be read as course correction

  2. Sushant Sareen is great ! Fuck you Modi Fuck You ! that you don't have as person like Sushant Sareen as minister and neither you have a person like Subhramanian Swamy as minister. I think that their actual talent is gone in vein if they cannot use their talent in nation's well being. And for that I accuse modi and shah for wasting their talent by not recruiting them as ministers , they have only socialist marxist IAS as bureaucrats and ministers.

  3. आज की डिबेट में लगा जैसे आपके साथ कुछ कांग्रेसी मानसिकता वाले इस जिद पर ही अड़े रहे कि मोदीजी संसद में आकर बोलें जबकि हमारे व अमेरिका के विदेश मंत्रालय व विदेश मंत्री और व्हाइट हाउस से खंडन हो चुका है फिर ऐसी जिद विपक्ष की व आपके डिबेट में 3 लोग दोनों देश के राष्ट्राध्यक्षों को लड़ाने में आपदा हैं जिससे रिश्ते खराब हों, कांग्रेस के साथ विपक्ष तो चाहता यही है कि मोदीजी कमजोर हों जबकि चुप रहने में ज्यादा ताकत होती है क्योंकि समय आने पर बोलने पर ताकत का इजहार हो जाता है, जैसे एक कहावत भी है एक चुप सो को हराये।

  4. Modi should make a statement and close the matter. Also remember when Sharm-al-Shaikh became an issue, how the opposition insisted that MMS should make a statement. And MMS did make one. How can you have one rule for the Congress PM and another for the BJP PM.

    Essentially, Modi is a stupid control freak, and he sees himself as buckling to opposition when he agrees to their request and makes a statement. Instead, he will come across as a statesman if he agrees to valid demands from the opposition.

  5. Triumph is pissing out of his pants seeing Indias potential and so quick development within 4 years. He is taken by a surprise and could not even imagine in his wildest dream. Last 70 years during upa India was like a sleeping giant ant now it it has woken up. Jai ma adyasakti.

  6. आलोक जोशी को कुछ भी कहना या समझाना बेकार है ये इमरान खान का प्रवक्ता है।

  7. BJP should also stop sending people to this channel.. these assoles always lowered volume of ruling party whenever some jokers intervened.. and these so called experts like Sarin are useless and hence currently are on some small channels than any responsible posts..

  8. Kya Trump ne jhoot bola ? Agar ha to Modi Sahab kyu nahi iska khundun karte?
    Vassey Modi Sahab bhi koi sach bolne ke parsidh nahi hai, media apni ek din Trump Ko Bharat aur Modi ka Sacha dost batata hai aur ugle din gaalia deta hai.

  9. मोदी कुछ भी बोल सकता है
    मोदी ने एक सौ पच्चीस करोड़ लोगों को घर की चाबी दे देता है और बहुत बार झुठ बोला है मोदी ने
    आप को मोदी के झूठ बोलने वाले सारे वीडियो कल फैसबुक पर डाल दुंगा

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