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Day after Day – ANDRÉS CEPEDA (LETRA) – jj


Song Day after day with lyrics, by Colombian singer Andrés Cepeda, from the album with the same name.

Day after day
Andres cepeda
A flower lasts a summer,
A summer is three months,
Twelve months is one year old,
Can a year be so short?
As the dictionary is short,
To define who you are.

A love you is not love you
A love you is not so strong
If what you feel is not strong,
If you feel that you have loved;
With the body and the mind,
How I love you.

Going out into the world is like walking in the middle of a war,
But by your side everything is safer because I find peace.
I ask heaven to protect you,
May we always be the same,
That you love me the same.
I want to be with you for the rest of my life,
May we be together until the end.
Can you wake me up with your smile
It's my joy
Day after day.


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  1. Salir al mundo es como
    Caminar en medio de una guerra
    Pero a tu lado todo es mas seguro
    Porque encuentro paz
    Le pido al cielo que te proteja
    Que siempre estemos igual
    Que me ames igual
    Yo quiero estar contigo el resto de mi vida
    Que podamos estar juntos hasta el final
    Poderme despertar con tu sonrisa
    Es mi alegría
    Día tras día ❤️

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