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#Masika has WORDS for Nipsey Hussle after he Clapped again at her for… ? ?☕️ – jj

#Masika has WORDS for Nipsey Hussle after he Clapped again at her for… ? ?☕️

Nipsey Hussle vs Masika Kalysha They go at it on twitter after Masika tweeted about him and Lauren London break up where he retweets it with his Clapback …



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  1. I don’t talk to guys like that unless they really step outa line with me but Masika is wild immature and petty. Nipsey will get rid of fetty just to warn Masika . You barking up the RIGHT tree if you want heat . It’s gon be heat you fetty wap or money can’t stop . Can’t talk shit to everyone

  2. I understand her point cause celebrities put way to much of their lives on social media and that's weak as fuck but I don't think a bitch that does the same thing got no room so she should keep her biscuit trap shut!

  3. I agree Masika should have just stayed out of it and let him say what he wants to say but if Masika is childish then so is Alexis, Lezhae and all of Fetty wap baby mamas except Reese is the only one with common sense, yall call Masika a hoe but so is Alexis and all the others and Fetty the biggest hoe of them all

  4. this bitch is confused, she thinks she's a king and he's a sis. she don't even know how to put quotation marks in the right place. and her attacks on his manhood were super predictable. that's a simple minded broad. obviously she's a nobody cause I've never heard of her nor have I heard anybody mention her. she's gaining notoriety just by arguing with Nypsy.

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