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You Barely Know Your Automotive – Seinfeld (The Bottle Deposit) – jj

You Barely Know Your Automotive – Seinfeld (The Bottle Deposit)

We don’t want to be as crazy as Tony with car care, but you get our point, capiche?



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  1. To be fair, he owns a 900, so a lot of this is quite true. Full synthetic is best in any situation, and one of those totally-not-Jiffy Lube places isn't going to cut it. Make sure it's Mobil1, T6 Rotella causes strange noises. You don't have to change it every 1000, but every 4-5000 is a good idea, 3000 if you've had engine trouble or you're experiencing deposits. If you go the turbo route (because it's awesome) make sure you test it every now and then: get the engine running hot and mash the throttle. If there's white smoke out the back, get that turbo looked at ASAP. Never, ever, EVER believe some crock who says the transmission is "fill for life." And for Pete's sake, people…change your air filters.

  2. Quickie lube place,Overhall the entire engine,Washer fluid is not fine,How much is this going to cost me,Change the oil every 1000 miles ????Brad Garrett is funny,Milage tire pressure see this gasket,I have no use for it.

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