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Liz Lemon Will get Married on 30 Rock— Look Again at Her Well-known Exes! – jj

Liz Lemon Will get Married on 30 Rock— Look Again at Her Well-known Exes!

Tune into 30 Rock Thursday nights on NBC, 8 pm / 7 pm Central! This PopSugar Rush is dedicated to tonight’s 30 Rock wedding of the season for Tina Fey’s …



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  1. first, i'm not necessarily a believer that characters or even people in real life have to be married to have their story be complete, so she never had to get married. i do think that it was clearly established that Kris was kind of an idiot and a placeholder for Liz and maybe others will argue with that. I think that if she happened to be with Matt Damon's character or even Jon Hamm's character when the show ended, the writers would have just shoehorned her in an ending with 1 of them.

  2. interesting — i read a slate article that argued we shouldn't see it as liz settling but finding her match. would you have preferred her to stay single? i think her unique brand of quirky feminism certainly made a mark, whether she put a ring on it in the end or not. thanks for watching!

  3. yeah, i think liz lemmon getting hitched was symbolic of how women might just settle for someone when they get to a certain age. she didn't marry the perfect man, she just married whomever she was with at the season when the show got cancelled

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