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#TripleTalaqBill: The Legislative Criterion Or The Regulation Of The Suicide? – jj

#TripleTalaqBill: The Legislative Criterion Or The Regulation Of The Suicide?


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In the previous NDA government, the three Divorce Bill, which came into force through the Ordinance, was passed on Tuesday in the Rajya Sabha.

After the passage of the Lok Sabha in the previous government, the bill was pending in the Rajya Sabha. Due to lack of government majority in the Rajya Sabha, it could not be passed, but this time, due to the conduct of some parties, the government succeeded in passing the Muslim Women (Protection of Marriage Rights Protection) Bill 2019 easily.

After the passage of both the houses, this bill will now be sent to the President's approval, after which it will become law.

Three Divorce Bill has been disputed since its inception. From the opposition to many social organizations, it has been opposing it. It has been specifically objected to the provision of criminal law and provision of punishment to husband.

At the same time, there are many people present in favor of this bill and it is necessary to make laws on this for the help of three divorced Muslim women.

In order to know the views of both sides, we All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board Chairman Shaista Amber and a Muslim organization The building Sharia (Bihar) Of General Secretary Anisur Rahman Kasami talked to. Read, Their View:

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This is a warning: Shaista Amber

The passage of the three Divorce Bill is a historic victory. The government did what the ulama and Muslim Personal Law Board should have done.

Divorce-e-Biddat, which did not like Allah, was promoted and despite three Supreme Court's refusal, there were three divorces.

Once the law has been formed, the three divorces will have to think again and again.

Even though it is a matter of criminal case, but the caliph Omar, who had said that the killings of women in relation to women, were actually being done through three divorces and misuse of divorce system was being done.

This is a warning to those who misused the divorce system. Now there should not be a divorce-e-bidi Whatever divorce is, the Qur'an should be done through the Council according to Pakistan. At the same time, the woman who was afraid of divorce, now she is finished.

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'Ease of women'

I also spoke of not being a criminal statute. The way in which the Hindu Marriage Act was fined and there is a provision to stay separate for the first year, in the same way it could have been there too.

At the same time, I had told the Prime Minister and the Law Minister that do not take any such step, that any Sharif and honest Shauhara should also be caught. The wife should take a wrong step in somebody's seduction and make difficult for the boy. With this, parents will be afraid to marry their son.

It should have been taken care that the measures should not be such that the wrong use can be done. But now, if the law has become, then it will have to be accepted and women will get a lot of comfort.

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Not entitled to women: Anisur Rahman Kasami

This law will have trouble and the difficulties of Muslim women will increase.

This law tells Shaheen to send him to jail for three years. In this way, for three years, you made the wife stand on the road. Who will arrange for their living? This bill is not in the right of women.

The second thing is that it is a law against the divorce which has been given in the form of a divorce. That is why we say that this is the law of oppression.

If you talk about punishment to the boy, then if any of the three divorces speak, according to this bill, they will not be considered a divorce. When divorce is not there, why are you punishing him?

We had conveyed that we need social reform in this matter and work should be done in the same way that there is a change in society.

Muslim women pass on such a poverty line 60 percent and if her husband gets jailed for three years then what will happen to him?

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'Society is changing'

When the government says that there are about 200 cases of three divorced people in the whole country, then the work of social reform is happening.

The government does not wait, social reform does not work in a few days. Then what the government did for it. Ever made an appeal to stop it through advertisements and messages?

I think this is a completely political affair, not for the good of Muslim women. The opposition did not even play its role properly. Some political parties supported the government by walking out of the Rajya Sabha.

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