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Fireplace Insurance coverage Protection – jj

Fireplace Insurance coverage Protection


Fire insurance has become a hot topic among people affected by the several wildfires burning across the state. Several hundred people are under mandatory evacuation orders, sparking conversation about fire insurance coverage and the future of their homes.

Tammy Stubbs, a local Allstate Insurance Owner and Agent, says it’s simple; either you have property insurance or you don’t. Once a fire breaks out it may be too late to add or change coverage because most insurance agencies put a moratorium in place that limits your ability to boost coverage.

“If someone’s in that fire range and they don’t know if they have coverage, they need to call their insurance agent A.S.A.P. and get the skinny on if they have that policy and if they don’t, what they can do to protect themselves now moving forward.”

She adds, “It’s my experience that all homeowner policies, renter’s insurance policies, landlord policies they all include fire. That’s one of the main coverages, so you don’t have to purchase anything separate to be covered. It’s automatically included in your policy. But you have to have a policy.”

You may not have property insurance if you’ve fully paid off your mortgage or did not buy your home directly through a bank. If you’re not sure about your policy, call your local insurance agent to find out exactly what’s covered in your plan.

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