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It's Patrick He Took Out Life Insurance coverage 1990 – jj

It's Patrick He Took Out Life Insurance coverage 1990

The Norich Union commercial that must have run more than just about anything else in the late 80s and 90s. I know its already been uploaded to YT, but I keep …



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  1. I'd be like, "Oh hi son, nice to hear from you…Me? I'm a little under the weather…thanks for asking…NOT!"
    Who the Hell would call and the first thing they say to their dear old Dad is, "Hi Dad it's Patrick I just took out life insurance!"

  2. I just posted a video on my facebook of me saying "I just got life insurance with Norwich Union" super fast. Then…I said…"Who am I? LOL. Nobody guessed, before I put up the answer…Patrick. LOL The joke always was, that Patrick would never have had time to say hello dad, or how are ya….in that old tv commercial, cuz the old man let the cat out of the bag too quickly. LOL an old classic.

  3. "Your personal enrollment kit"….LMAO! It's the fucking title! "ADD BLAH BLAH OR SOMEONE ELSE YOU CARE ABOUT…you know like your mistress, illegitimate kids, or secret other family!! "I'm to old to get life insurance" Hilarious!

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