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Re: Intercourse Earlier than Marriage, is it mistaken? – jj

Re: Intercourse Earlier than Marriage, is it mistaken?

Onision answered a question that many people have very strong opinions and convictions about. Is it wrong to have sex before marriage? I respond to the same …



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  1. @DeaconCliff What you're talking about is choosing to ignore something that actually effects the text you're reading, not just whether or not you personally can understand the text. You're not reading the same sentences, just the words many, many people before you have decided the original words meant. Even in the same language, if different words and sentences with different connotations are in the story, is the metaphorical meaning the same?

  2. @travesham

    in all honesty, what you are saying is only a problem, if you want it to be a problem. In the end, you and I are still going to be accountable, because it is not a viable excuse to say, I didn't understand the Bible after it was translated to my language, therefore I ignored all of it. This is not complicated.

    Peace until I come back into my home country. So long from Columbia.

  3. @DeaconCliff (cont) Point being, if you're going to take scripture as what god has actually said about man, that seems at least as much of an assumption as taking our own interpretations of what man is based on our own experiences. Essentially you're taking a metaphoric interpretation of words that aren't even the same words as when they were originally written.

  4. @DeaconCliff No, I'm referring to "what god has said about man." If you're using the Bible to determine what it is god has said, then you have to take into account that even if the original text was exactly what God said, you're getting one of many english versions that many publishers put out. Even then, these versions are translations of translations of translations, across languages that don't even always translate perfectly, in times where documentation really sucked.

  5. @travesham

    by the way, I am leaving this morning to Medellin Columbia for a missions trip. I may not have access to internet, so I may have to continue our discussion when I come back. But feel free to respond back, and I may be able to continue while in Columbia.

  6. @travesham

    It is not complicated 'usually' to understand the difference (when you read things in context) what an author wants you to take literally, and what they are saying metaphorically and to be received symbolically. The Bible is no different. You are bringing in a whole different discussion with your last message. Who told you we do not have all the original manuscripts for all the books of the Bible? Did I interpret your statement correctly? Is that what you meant to say?

  7. @DeaconCliff I don't think it's one or the other. Considering things like the Council of Nicea, the fact that we don't even have translations for all of the original text, and all the various translations of what we do have, to consider any bible that's filtered through a publishing company to be the literal word of God isn't a good idea. Even then, in the bible, Jesus uses parables to spread knowledge. If the people listening to the stories take them literally, they miss the point.

  8. @travesham

    Interesting. The more I think about it, the more I am realizing it is impossible to fully put aside one's faith in discussing this. The question I am asking myself again is, "what is man?" At some point, we are either going to resort to either what God has said about man, or what we simply have come to assume man is. If we believe for example man was created in the image and likeness of God, then we naturally view man with a different level of value, then say a person who does not

  9. @DeaconCliff I agree in many ways and I think you're bringing up lot's of good discussion. But I don't think you are really setting your faith aside here. The idea of a soul is entirely debatable, so to approach sex from the point of view as something that merges two souls isn't really setting your own personal reasons aside. Again, that's not to say you're necessarily wrong here. You seem genuinely interested in the discussion so I'm just posing questions that I personally think are relevant.

  10. I know this is becoming more and more not the case because of the world we live in, but sex should not even be something you are thinking about. I know for a fact this is not exactly what you may want to hear, but far too many people (Christians too) move too quickly in the area of relationships and sexuality. Trust me, seek mentors who are older than you, and learn everything you can now. My friend, don't learn these lessons the hard way. Many of us have been there, done that, and thought that.

  11. Blessings brother,

    I didn't know you were that young. I want to encourage you right now not to go in that direction of having sex right now. When you feel really connected to a person, the feelings you experience can easily be mistaken for love, when it is not love as of yet. At your age you should stay as innocent as possible from any kind of sexual intimacy, and really just enjoy your life seeking healthy relationships with both sexes.

  12. @JesusCares4Every1

    Great user name by the way, it is right on the money. The only problem I have with what you are saying is that if you truly love the person with all your heart mind and soul, and you know that they love you too with all their heart, why not simply obey God and get married then?

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