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Unemployment Insurance coverage: The right way to generate the file via the QuartaRH Payroll system – jj

Unemployment Insurance coverage: The right way to generate the file via the QuartaRH Payroll system

Hello. In this video we will learn how to generate the Unemployment Insurance application on file using the QuartaRH Payroll system.

1. To do this, access the Fourth HR Payroll system, click on the View | Go to | Select, check the Current Employee option and click OK;
To save more than one company or employee to a single file you can use a different type of selection.
Click on the Employees | Register, select the employee for whom you want to generate the Unemployment Insurance claim and confirm that the termination is recorded;

2. Click the Reports | Termination | Unemployment Insurance, note in which folder the Unemployment Insurance.SD file will be written. Our system defaults to address C: Wednesday Exit. Then click the OK button;

At this time, the file contents will be displayed on screen. So just close it.

3. Access the Internet, open MTE Portal | More Jobs | Company and select the Company | Submit Unemployment Insurance claim;

4. At the Unemployment Insurance | Web Employer, enter your Username and Password. If you are accessing this Portal for the first time, click Register Manager.

5. Click on the Submit button;

6. At this time the Java Security Warning screen will be activated. Check the option I accept the risk and wish to run this application, click Run and confirm the access permission of the MTE page;

7. Select the Authenticate Digital Certificate option, choose which certificate to use, click OK and select the Enrollment or CNPJ No. of the company you wish to operate;

8. Click on the Main Menu | Import File, choose the file generated by the Sheet (EX: C: Wednesday Exit Unemployment Insurance.SD), click Import and print the application.

 The requirements generated in this process can be accessed through the Main Menu | See Requirements.
Follow the video lessons on our Youtube channel and see you next time!


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