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ZEE info: 16-year-old boy within the US received 21 cr. ZEE info: 16-year-old man within the US received 21 crores – jj

ZEE info: 16-year-old boy within the US received 21 cr. ZEE info: 16-year-old man within the US received 21 crores


Our next news is needed for the parents of the country who keep complaining all day that their child plays video game throughout the day. Do not study With such parents we would like to say today that if your child is fond of Video Game. And most of the time spends playing Video Game So you do not need to panic. Because, your child can earn millions of rupees by playing Video Game. And the world champion can also become. This is exactly what happened in New York in America. At the age of 16, a young man has won 21 crores. That too by playing Video Game. Therefore, today every parents of the country should observe this analysis with their children carefully.

Very few of you will know this thing, like Cricket World Cup, there is also a World Cup in the world of Video Games. And its name is The Fortnite World Cup … This event is called the World's Biggest and Most Expensive Tournament of E-Sports. This time 40 million Gamers from around the world had participated in Qualify in the Fortnite World Cup lasted for 10 weeks in New York, America. But, only 100 of these 4 million have been able to qualify for the Tournament. World Games of the World Games were included in youth of more than 30 countries in the World Cup. Of which 70 were from the US. 14 were of France. And 11 were of UK. These included people from the age of 12 to 40 years.

Under these rules all these gamers are left on a virtual island. And all these people sitting on their computers have to find weapons. Structures are meant to be created. And one has to move forward while eliminating each other. And in the end, victory is of the same, which remains at the forefront. And remains alive. Players alone can also participate in this. And you can also play a team.

This time the final of Fortnite World Cup, Kyle won by 16 years. Who was playing with the character named Bugha in this tournament. Those youths who are fond of Video Games, they will know that every gamer participates in an event with a different name. The young man who has won the Tournament this time, he is a resident of the United States of Pennsylvania. And at the age of only 16, this young man has won a prize money of about Rs 21 crore. And this is not a small achievement. Because, the recently finished Wimbledon Prize Money was – Rs 20 crore.

That is, 16-year-old Kyle won more than Rs 1 crore more than Novak Djokovic. Just like this, if you talk about the prize money of the Cricket World Cup, this time the whole team of England got 27 crores rupees. In this sense, in comparison to the 15 players of the cricket team, a 16-year-old man alone is not able to win Rs 21 crore on his own, there is no small thing to talk about.

Not just Kyle. Other contestants in the top five in the E-Sports World Cup also become millionaires. The young man who came in second place won 12 crores, the third place holder has 8 crores, the fourth place holder has 7 crores, and the contestant who came in fifth position won nearly 6 crores. The thing to note is that their age was between 20 and 30 years.

That is, once in a while people used to say that 'making money is not a game of children.' But 21st century children have done this charisma. They also play Video Game. Therefore, with the help of photographs from New York today, we want to send messages to the youth and children of the country, that nothing is impossible in life.

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