Guterres warns of world fracturing in 2 competing methods | UN Normal Secretary Gutters mentioned – "I'm upset with the rising pressure between two main world economies.


United Nations: With the rise of commercial and geopolitical tensions, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarez has warned that the world can be divided into two competing groups, one of which will lead the United States and another of China.

Referring to the tensions between China and the US, Guterres said, "I am troubled by the growing tension between two major global economies." However, Gutures did not name China and America.

Gutarez said, "We need to take lessons from the Cold War and we need to avoid the new war." Globally describing the threats, Guereres promised to 'accelerate diplomatic efforts for peace'.

Regarding the potential return to the Cold War scenario, he said, "I do see the emergence of two competing groups without going too far in the future. Each has its own currency, business and financial rules, their own internet and artificial intelligence tactics and their contradictory geopolitical and military perspectives. '

They said, 'We still have time to avoid this. With the commitment of leadership's strategic cooperation and the management of the interests of competition, we can take the world on a safe path.'

This emerging threat is visible on many fronts between the US and China. This involves a trade war between tariff and jababi tariff between the interaction between the United States and China. US President Donald Trump on Thursday announced a 10 percent tax on imports of $ 300 billion of Chinese goods.

America is trying to ban the adoption of China's 5G communication system between fear of possible espionage. This includes a conflict between the Chinese and other democracies in the Hind-Pacific region. China is expanding its business and development through 'One Road, One Belt'.

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