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The right way to fault check a pool gentle fixture – jj

The right way to fault check a pool gentle fixture

How to check a pool or spa light for a fault to ground. If your GFI or GFCI is tripping when you turn on the pool or spa lights a light fixture probably has a fault to ground as water has invaded the cord seal. You can sometimes see water or condensation on the light lens. If there are multiple lights this can help determine which fixture is bad.


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  1. How would you test the light transformer? I replaced my blown light bulb along with a new gasket and screw. Still no light …. Inside my transformer has white and black wires in two separated compartments. Like it contains two boxes with wiring… and it is a mess in there…. There is NO GFI anywhere that I can find. The house was built in 1990 and has all the original pool electrical, except for the new bulb that isn't lighting up…. Thanks for any help…

  2. question: you say 4.3 ohms = a good bulb I have two fixtures in my pool. Testing the ground fault was OK when I tested the Bulbs at 200 a received 2.6 ohms for one (SPA) and 12.3 on the other (Pool) What does this indicate?

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