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Focused People – To Perps need donation to repurchase EMF cap. And EMF App Analyzer – jj

Focused People – To Perps need donation to repurchase EMF cap. And EMF App Analyzer

I have 2 videoes in 1. First to get a donation back for my lost/taken EMF cap. Why should TI’s need to keep buying back things Perps mess with? Time to start …


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  1. Gangstalking is spiritual in nature. Demons have advanced and supernatural powers that mimic and surpass anything explainable of the 3D realm. If you continue to survive the demonic "hazing", it will get to a point when what you experience can not be explained as anything natural. For me, it was repeated exposure to experiencing trailer "street theater" being performed by fallen angel spirits taking over people's bodies right in front of me with supernatural knowledge of me and mocking me to no end. The first 10 or so times I witnessed it I thought I was loosing my mind. It is a process. Many wil continue to discredit it's a spirtual program yet they will not gain any viable proof or a solution to their problem/harassment.

    This gangstalking of the "Targeted Individual is allowed by the Most High God to develop your faith and trust along with sharpening your discernment. You are being "awakened". It slowly brings you into the spirit realm by gifting you as a prophet/seer. Once you start experiencing street theater, you may be thrown behind the demonic veil as your final test.Do not give in and eventually you will pass the test and earn your "Crown" in the Kingdom of God receiving your spiritual gifts and powers. Stay Blessed and covered in the Blood of Yeshua. I am praying for you all.

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