The Graham Norton Jan 29 2016 Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Zeta-Jones,…

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  1. "Diversity is america's super-power"
    That's a nice sentiment and all, but I'm pretty sure its nukes, not diversity, that had this country labeled as a super-power.
    "If you lead with love and light, only good can come out of it" yeah, but what was the road to hell paved with again?
    stars talking about concussion movie Huh, guess the NFL paid someone a few billion dollars to keep that out of peoples minds. I've never even heard of it.

  2. Is there a solution to the traumatic brain injury disease? Banning certain types of tackles and sidelining players with concussion for longer periods… and better medical care of players. But realistically – just stop such brutal sports? Which will never happen. So what to do is still being debated.

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