Air fares on Srinagar route spike 25% after Authorities advisory | After the state authorities's advisory, the air fares of Srinagar Route elevated to 25%


New delhi / shrinagar: After the security advice issued to the tourists and pilgrims coming to the state on Friday, the state government has reported an increase of 20-25% in air fares to and from Srinagar.

Rajneesh Kumar, co-founder of Ixigo, said, "There has been an increase of 2-25% in air fares for Srinagar and flights going there." Kumar further said that tourism booking will fall in the coming weeks due to unrest in the state.

"Due to the safety advice issued for tourists and pilgrims, there has been an increase in air fares, after the advice of the people," said Chief Operating Officer (B2C) Sharad Dhal, Tickets started booking.

In a consultation on Friday, the state government had said, "Targeting the Amarnath Yatra, the intelligence of the terrorist hazards and the current situation of security in the valley, it is advised that tourists and Amarnath pilgrims are allowed to travel to their destination in the valley. Take the short steps necessary to return to the earliest. '

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