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Apollo missions: How the flag wandered on the moon? – jj

Apollo missions: How the flag wandered on the moon?


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Fifty years ago NASA's Apollo 11 mission reached the moon on two humans. On the fiftieth anniversary of reaching the human moon, we are telling you the story related to this mission.

Under the Apollo mission, many specravers went into space. Astronauts keep their nicknames, according to their liking. For example, the other US astronaut, Grace Grisham, named his Mercury Specchraft as Liberty Bell 7.

It was a symbol of America's independence. They added seven numbers so that they can respect the seven American astronauts first.

Grisham went into space for fifteen minutes in July 1961. However, after his return, when his capsule fell into the ocean, the explosive that opened his bolt had already exploded. And the water in the capsule was full.

Because of this, Grisham had to come out before the helicopter arrived to rescue him. This incident led to the life of Grisham.

After this, for the 1965 Gemini mission to carry two astronauts, Grisham chose Molly Brown's name. Which was a very popular character of American theater. Although NASA wanted to name it as Gemini 3 But, Grisham suggested the Titanic name, then the NASA team agreed on it.

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Grisham was chosen to go on Apollo 1 mission too. But before that, he died in an accident. Two more Astronaut Roger Shafi and Ed White were also killed with them.

The first two Apollo missions to go into space with humans were 7 and 8. During this, no aliases were given to them. Walt Cunningham says that Apollo 7 also liked the name. So there was no need to keep the nickname.

But, there were two spacecraft in the Apollo 9 mission. One command module and the second lunar lander That is why it is important to keep both nicknames different.

As the name of Apollo 11's Lunar Lander was eagle and the name of the command module was Columbia. Which was named after Jules Verne's fictional Space Camp Columbia.

The name of the Apollo 14 command module was Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers flew the world's first air flight. The last two people on the moon were descended from the Challenger named Lunar module. Its signal was towards future challenges.

During the Apollo mission, names of Spacraffft were also named after some famous symbols of that period. As such, Apollo 10's Command Module and Lunar Lander were snoopy and Charlie Brown.

These were the characters of the cartoon named Peanuts. Similarly, the command module for Apollo 16 was named Casper. This was a horror cartoon which was famous for friendly attitude.

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The story of the American flag on the moon

One of the most memorable pictures of the Apollo Mission is that in which the astronauts seem to be blowing the American flag on the moon. However, there was no plan to carry the first American flag during the Apollo program. NASA's intention was to take the flag of the United Nations to the moon.

Although three months before Apollo 11 mission was launched, the American flag was decided to be flagged on the moon. After this, NASA ordered an American flag from the government company.

Its price was $ 5.50. And it was made of Nylon. To put it, the metal poles were also bought, which cost $ 75. It was designed so that there is no problem in putting it on the surface of the moon.

The next big question came, where did all the flags and poles move in spacecraft? Because the decision to take the flag was very late. And by then, the use of an inch of ink within the vehicle was planned. Then it was sent to Lunar Lander's ladder.

It was made so that the heat of the engine does not fire. The flag sent with Apollo 11 was placed on the Lunar Lander at the time when it was tied in the rocket.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin also practiced the flag during practice on earth. But, when it actually started to apply the flag, then the problem came and it remained closed. Because of which people alleged that if there is no air on the moon then why is the flag flowing?

The question arises whether really NASA sent the person to the moon or not?

While returning from the moon, Aldrin said that the flag fell. However the flags imposed by the later Apollo missions are still present on the Moon. Photographs taken from NASA's LRO Satellite, which circled the moon, have confirmed this. He also found the truth that indeed the flag of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin fell.

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Jugaad in spacecraft

NASA's Moon mission was the most important thing, tape. Due to these, many of the deteriorating jobs were made. During the Apollo 17 mission, with the help of this, the tire was tied to the lunar rover. At the same time, the tape proved to be very effective during the earlier mission, with the help of tape to keep in the spacecraft from switches to other tools.

During Apollo 13, when the command module of the passengers was set on fire, the duct tape saved the lives of astronauts. Because, when Astronaut went to the Lunar module to save lives, the square box extracting carbon dioxide was not fit in the Lunar module. As a result, they were fitted in the Lunar module with the help of tape.

Every astronaut took some personal belongings along with him to the moon. Until Apollo 15 missions, NASA did not even pay attention to it. Someone took a picture of a family, then took a medal. Someone left the small statue on the moon, then someone allowed her to remain on the moon as a personal memento.

However, during a Apollo 15 mission, a big controversy arose. The passengers of this mission, Dave Scott, Al Wördeen and Jim Irwin, took some stamps with them. Who would later have auctioned. These auctions were to happen only when they were completely separated from the three astronaut space missions. The money received from this was to meet their families.

But the postal stamps were only a few days after their return to space. The auction company has told the three astronauts without having told them. NASA's administration got annoyed with this. The matter went to the American Parliament. After this, the three astronauts were fired from NASA.

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When the seeds taken on the moon

Before going into space, Stuart Rausa was a fire fighter. They used to extinguish the fire in the forests. When he started going to the moon, the scientists told him to take some seeds along with him.

In fact, scientists wanted to understand the impact of weightlessness on these seeds.

Stuart Rausa, with Apollo 14 mission, took 500 seeds of American trees and plants with him. After returning from mission, the scientists tested them, then there was no effect of the weightlessness of space on the seeds.

When these seeds were sown, new plants grew like these other seeds. Later trees from other trees were also grown from these trees. These are known as Moon trees.

These trees have been planted in many places throughout the United States. One of these is in Kennedy Space Center in NASA, another tree has been planted in the White House garden.

A tree has been planted near the tomb of Stuart Rausa, who has traveled on the moon to these seeds.

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