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(Dj masks) Floyd Mayweather 'Money Out $50hundreds of thousands Present his Lavish King Life-style' – jj

(Dj masks) Floyd Mayweather 'Money Out $50hundreds of thousands Present his Lavish King Life-style'

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  1. We already know that you have a lot of money but go hang out with the rich wealthy people who have oil on the deserts those rich people from Facebook Warren Buffett all those guys zukerman all those guys if you got money and stop bragging and boasting poor black people idiot

  2. This shows how stupid he is when he should be investing that stuff for retirement from what I understand he did that last fight just so he could pay taxes he owed didn't Mike Tyson set the example of what not to do

  3. Keep flashing that money like that, boxing skills won't do shit when a bunch of hungry stick up boys trying to put diapers on their kids beat down your door and put an AK to your fucking head, and take all your shit. Self righteousness motherfucker

  4. Yo as a fan, if I ever became cool with him, I would definately steal a few stacks of cash and a chain from him. I like the dude but he is way too flashy with is items. I don't care if that money was going to his kids car, I'm snatching that money. I am not filming an expensive ass 100k wine celler, 100 million in jewlry, a paper check that says 100 mill on it, and probably another 150k in chains wearing in a single day. Yo gimmie a 1 million dollar home, like 25k worth of clothes and shoes, a home gym, chef, and a driver. I would be cool my while life! Fuck all that luxury shit worth 500 million

  5. I like him and I like wealth, he made his from being one off the greatest boxers…you should think about investing and building your wealth … start with a index fund with vanguard and start building…its should inspire you not offend….start off small it will take you years but in the end you will secure your future…money makes money ?

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