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When a worker is hired, a verbal or written contract can be made, but written is better and safer. The fulfillment of rights and obligations must be demanded. Leave all the data of people involved in work very clear, such as schedules, deadlines, place and salaries, etc. You have to Legalize the Contract.

If you don't have an employer number yet, get one at the IESS.

Cancel your employer contribution forms, and do not fall into default. From two employees must make the internal regulations. and if there are more than 10, a hygiene regulation must be made. Control the workers' consistency and remunerate all obligations on time.

Keep records of all expenses, discounts, contributions, vacations and per diems delivered, etc. Deliver appropriate clothing and tools to employees. Verify that employees comply with their labor and contractual obligations. This will comply with the labor laws in force in Ecuador and your company will grow without obstacles.


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