FMCSA denies ELD exemption to small trucking corporations once more 2019

FMCSA denies ELD exemption to small trucking companies – again

A group representing trucking and other companies with 50 employees or less has been denied an exemption from the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

The exemption, filed by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC), received nearly 2,000 comments after it was posted in June 2018, with the vast majority – roughly 95 percent – in favor of the exemption.

However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asserted that SBTC’s application failed to provide evidence that safety would not be compromised under the exemption.

FMCSA denies ELD exemption to small trucking companies – again (with video)

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  1. The safety problem in trucking wasn't ever with owner operators cheating logs its with big companies giving new drivers almost no training and then when they are still so new they don't know shit they send them out as a trainer to someone else. Its the blind leading the blind out there in the name of corporate profit and owner operators are the ones being punished for the sins of the megacarriers.

  2. It’s not the ELD. The problem is the trucking industry not paying for the time and work that you do. Drivers do not want to run illegal they’re force to run illegal in order to live in a society of rising cost of everything but their pay.

  3. electronic logging devices should be only mandatory for larger carriers because they force there employees to work or drive longer hours. Owner operator with one truck and one driver or small fleet should be exempt from Elog devices and only keep paper log. reason owner operator or small fleet they have more flexibility for less driving they are not pushed over the edge of driving none stop there is alot of road rage out there on roads today from 4 wheelers to 18 wheelers trying to meet that destination there are more accidents and accidents a cure in larger businesses then small business fleets or owner operator. I dont agree as a owner operator myself because these larger fleets are driving down freight loads only because they have larger companies with alot of employees drivers they are paying the employees cheap wages so every load they haul they can haul it cheap plus they have the advantage of dropping and hooking to another trailer owner operator dont have they live load and deliver straight to destination owner operator spend more time at these shipping and receiving docks then the larger companies do. I would be ok with elog if the FMCA would make it a law that these shipping and receiving companies half to abide only appointment schedule time to pick up and deliver and if they hold you longer then 2 hour driver should be compensated for being delayed.

  4. The only reason we can’t fix this is because of the no balls company drivers won’t take a week off all at the same time and I have the right to call them no balls because I was a company driver for ten years before I got my own truck and I would have taken a week off anytime I would have thought it was needed to benefit the industry I think if you haven’t straighten your shit out enough in tens years to get your own truck you are a sad person to be in this industry if we all had our own trucks we would say what we do and don’t do I know I’m talked to a lot better now when I’m called and asked now if I want to work not like before when I was called and told to come on down and I can afford to sit Home months if I want to

  5. Trucking today is Slavery, your forced to work no matter how you feel payed very little, barely enough to cover your bills and used as an ATM machine by most of the states. The 14 hrs rule is what caused the crash rates to go up on CMV's until it's done away with the accident rates will never go down!!

  6. How many of these smaller companies are full of older drivers like me. 29 years otr and not computer literate it has made me unemployable. Now that i am somewhat computer literate everyone still trying to send me to truck driving school. I never had a csa point till the e log not sure what I have now , got hammered hard. I didn't even know what an icon was when they put them in the truck and sent me down the road in Dec when it went in.

  7. I only have a few problems with new system. Personally I say all who don't want to go to new system quit more freight for me. That's the cold truth there's always someone ready to work like me. So don't like it, quit. I'll gladly work with the rules and make money thank you for job security.

  8. I say the ELDs should be the only way to Drive no more Cheating no more Companies pushing us to Cheat in Fact I told my Company if a Load needs any ELD Changes I want 1.00 per Mile they said they could not pay it so I said then stop trying to get around it if it can't be done with the Normal hours than it don't need to get done period stop Bitching about ELDs.

  9. The ELD mandate is a joke. It does nothing to improve safety. Matter of fact it is decreasing safety by forcing drivers to drive tired. Perfect example is today for me.

    Fortunately I am on a run that I have a ton of extra time on which I normally don't like. But today, even though I slept over 7 hours last night, about 3 hours after I started driving I got super sleepy. So since I had the extra time I pulled over and took a nap. I was out instantly and slept a solid 2 hours, woke up refreshed and continued on my merry way.

    On most days and with the appt times scheduled I can't do that and would have been forced to drive half dozing in my seat until my body finally came out of the slump. During which time I an a huge danger to others on the road.

    ELD's do nothing to help with that and the HoS rules are a huge problem with that situation as well as that eats into your 14 hours. Im a big boy. I know when I'm tired and should stop and I don't let a load or a dispatcher force me to continue. if I need to stop after a few hours driving to take a nap I shouldn't have to worry about completing my driving in a14 hour window and missing my appt time because of some arbitrary number saying im to tired to continue driving.

  10. They just want elds to be able to monitor and micromanage you slaves better and make sure you don't try to exceed your archaic and arbitrarily prescribed driving limits. The only voice that really matters is that of the rich and mighty mega carrier owners. Diesel therapy for all. Lol

  11. Where's the proof the ELDs are "safer"? It's all about taking more control of our Industry. One FREEDOM at a time. Notice everything being imposed on us has the word "DEVICE" in it. The words "Artificial Intelligence" and "Real Intelligence" are polar opposites. Just more herding of the sheep. We've got to say no to them at some point or just bend over and except everything they're going to hit us with in the future. You know, like speed limiters and "Driverless Tractors". Are we sure we want to stay on this path just because Swift, England and Us Express wants monopolies. We've got to get a hold on this "OBEY" manure they are pushing. We don't see it today but, tomorrow we will wish we'd stood up to them by ALL OF US SAYING NO! ENOUGH!!!

  12. The biggest problem currently, inexperienced personnel in the office telling experienced drivers how to operate equipment. Too many brokers think they know how freight can and should be run. Too much information in the wrong hands. Every individual responsible for arranging freight should be required to spend two weeks in a big truck OTR. Including brokers and fleet/driver managers. Public safety governs ALL DECISIONS. Mandate that.

  13. It's because of the % of smaller companies that screw it up for the legitimate ran ones. Alls they have to do is check payroll hours to hours on duty or their drivers to pick proper companies that should be allowed this. I was just at a small 10 fleet milk hauling carrier that totally was off the walls. Running some people 100hours per week! And not paying any type of OT and being a paid per hour job. Places like this do not deserve this to go through in my opinion. They have already been given a courtesy in certain states if its local and within proper states first 150mi DONT count so what more do they need…. I'm sure their are places that do deserve this. Their just needs to be a compensation made on both sides to open booke and see if they should be allowed this

  14. Everybody with common sense knows ELDs were lobby by the mega carriers to Congress to do away with small carriers it's a fact Steve Williams president of Maverick transportation is a big lobbyist he lobby for the CSA he's also the leader of Trucking Alliance he's a scum bag .He wants to get rid competition .Raymond Martinez is nothing but a puppet ,notice the trucking policies only benefit the Wallstreet mega carriers this is part of a Zionist new world order they are the biggest holders of Wallstreet mainly Goldman Sach. Facts more people die in car accidents than big trucks.Why they never talk about regulating the automobile industry. Eld are dangerous more unhealthy it's a violation of the constitution. They constantly lie about the statistics of saying its safer .American bureaucracies has lost credibility long time ago you cannot believe anything they say any more .No,country believe United States any more. Why don't the American government audit the federal reserve for the gold it hasn't had a full audit since 1956 fact. FMSCA are nothing more than legal criminals Trump needs to break them up each state needs it's own set of rules Eld should not have to apply to all states.

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