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Is your MacBook Professional your solely laptop? – jj

Is your MacBook Professional your solely laptop?


No, it is not.

I have a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to use while on the go when I need something really portable.

At home, I have a more powerful PC desktop tower with all the bells and whistles, a Core i7 processor and an RTX video card, with two large displays.

I also have a Dell XPS 15, which I think is a great laptop, and powerful for work, although a little on the heavy side.

And my new addition is a Samsung Flash, an inexpensive and underpowered, yet nice and well-built, laptop, to use when I go to places where it is not advisable to take a premium laptop with me.

At my parents home, I keep a small form factor PC from HP, so I do not have to carry my laptop when I visit them.

I have no problems with the workflow, as I use cloud storage on OneDrive (dropped Dropbox since they limited the free subscription to 3 devices only). And, yes, I use a 5-user Microsoft Office subscription just to myself.

I gave away my old 15-inch retina MacBook Pro, Surface 3 (non-Pro), and desktop to family member.


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