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muzaffarnagar two individuals arrested for leaking military particulars in Hisar | Within the youth space of ​​Muzaffarnagar, the Welding Mistry, the military's supply of the complexes crossing the border. The Welding Mistry, within the youth's space of ​​Muzaffarnagar, – jj

muzaffarnagar two individuals arrested for leaking military particulars in Hisar | Within the youth space of ​​Muzaffarnagar, the Welding Mistry, the military's supply of the complexes crossing the border. The Welding Mistry, within the youth's space of ​​Muzaffarnagar,


Muzaffarnagar: A youth has been arrested in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh on charges of espionage of the army. Two youth who have been hired for the job have been detained by the Intelligence, which is accused of sending military activities through Pakistan through social media. Both the youth have been detained while working as laborers in civil contract company engaged in the construction of mess building in the Militant area. Police have recovered mobile video clips, Whatsapp Voice and some photographs from them.

The families of both young men say that their children are innocent, they have been framed. He can not do this So far Muzaffarnagar police officers are refusing to have any such information.

Actually, the case is in Hisar of Haryana State, where two youths of Sherpur village of Muzaffarnagar district, 12 days ago to work as Labor in civil contracting company for the construction of Mess Building in Mehtab and Ragib Miltries area. Were. The army's activities were constantly imprisoning in their mobile cameras. On Friday, the Intelligence and Military Police had detained three youths on charges of military espionage, two of which are residents of Muzaffarnagar. While a resident of Shamli district.

Police have recovered video clips, Whatsapp voice and photo graphs from them from the mobile. They are accused of being in touch with the Pakistani spy for the espionage of the army. On the other hand, they have been detained in connection with the Army's move to send Pakistan through social media. At the moment, these people are being questioned.

At the same time, there was a stir in the village of both the youths when the incident was detected. As the day came, the Panchayat sat in the village and all the people discussed this incident. The villagers say that they went for wages, while the families of both the youth say that their children are innocent, they have been framed, they can not do it.

Mehtab's father Hanif told us that we have come to know that he had gone to work, he should have taken any photo or whatever he had done, he took hold of him and sat in the office. Not that we know what they have taken photographs of. They do welding work there. They were all here with the contractor, so far no one has spoken to me. Talk to the children, they are innocent, nobody knows about us. A contractor is arrested from them and one of them is absconding.

They did not even inform us by phone, it has happened, we have been told by news that such a thing has been done. They have taken them into custody so much that they know nothing else, they are in Hissar.

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Ragib's brother Mujammil told that I am the brother of Ragib, we have come to know that he has been implicated in espionage. Heresar went to work in welding there, he can not do such a thing, he is such a person that he can not speak to any other person. He could not even fight anybody from here and went there in the affair to earn two to four rupees. From here the contractor took them with him, no contact was possible. His phone is also coming off. Can not say anything now or there will be something to know if we get the information. We have got information from the mobile WhatsApp or Media Group. Now we want that we should get justice, all those innocent people are trapped, all the laborers are men, there is no one who does such a thing that such a great work is too far.

Sonu Rural said that the call came on Thursday. We have been working welding for the last several years, they have made a video there and the police has picked them up. There are enough people who work there. There are about 6 people in Muzaffarnagar where they have caught 3 people. Two of the 3 people are such that they do not have an Android phone nor do they know how to run. One of them has an Android phone, he has created a video We were not on the spot of the photo click, so we do not know what the photos are taken. The village is a contractor, along with whom he had gone to work, he has charged him with espionage.

He has been doing this work for many years now. Ever take contracts in Haryana, sometimes a poor man in Punjab. The people of the working class are going to have something to do with stomach, we have to do something. We want them to be examined if there is such a case, the rest of the firms are all workers belonging to the working class. There is no such a big issue yet no one has reached the meeting with them. Everyone is scared to go there because the hearing is not something. The matter is going on now, let's see what will happen next for the past 10 days in Kent itself. The next strategy will be to go there and see what is the matter. What is the matter?

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