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Evaluate of the Tag Heuer F1 Grande Date – jj

Evaluate of the Tag Heuer F1 Grande Date

A comprehensive review of the Tag Heuer F1 Grande Date.


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  1. Nice review. I just brought the newer model, witht he indices- more elegant IMHO. I nearly brought a Sinn EZM3, but the longivity of Tags products and customer service is outstanding. Plus in my country everyone knows what a Tag is!

    Bats are blind dummy they use sonar to hear. Wolfs eyesight not that crash hot either, they use smell. Better metaphore would have been a 'hawk' or an 'eagle'.

  2. @cornerstone228 i bet 99.9% of the people that buy diver watches dont dive with them.So what your saying its no one can buy an omega speedmaster unless he goes to the moon?
    i get your point but my personal opinion its different

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