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Swimming pool – jj

Swimming pool


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  1. I wanted to do a phone recording for my LEGAL SHIELD business.
    It would start out like this. " Has this ever happened to you? ( DINO BARKING). HEY FRED. DINOS GOT ME BY THE BALLS AGAIN. EEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYOWWW! I'M GONNA SUE ! You need LEGAL SHIELD ".

  2. The reason they don't broadcast full episode is yes copyright but they want you to purchase full episodes..I just like to get them on dvd and and I have the first 2 seasons which are the best but I plan on getting all 6 seasons…so only 4 more seasons to go!

  3. Is this any way to treat your bosom buddy,close pal and life long friend? Barney My Boy your right,This isn't any way to treat a bosom buddy,close friend and life long pal..THIS IS! SLAM! YEOWWWW! RIGHT ON THE NOSE! Poor Barney but still agreed with everybody every time I see it I die with laughter!??????

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