The Case For Cosby: Normal Foundation for Attraction

In this video, we are going to go in on the Bill Cosby Appeal Process and the likelihood of success.


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  1. I wish people would stand up and indict Kevin Steele; it's maddening that he is allowed to get away with running his entire campaign on bringing Cosby down. Linda Fairstein, the Central Park Five prosecutor, got taken down hard and well-deservedly so. What about Kevin Steele? When will he get his well-deserved karma like Fairstein did?

  2. There is no way Hollywood was even thinking about doing a Sitcom with Cosby in 1982. Carsey & Werner's first production was the short-lived ABC TV show "Oh Madeline" from 1983 w/Madeline Kahn, who later worked with Cosby on his 90's Sitcom. Carsey-Werner moved on to pre-production of "The Cosby Show" soon after.

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