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The Galaxy Observe 10 may be even cheaper than we anticipated – jj

The Galaxy Observe 10 may be even cheaper than we anticipated


Set to be revealed next week, the Galaxy Note 10 is expected to carry a sky-high price tag, just like most other recent flagship phones. But the phone might be slightly cheaper than initially believed, at least according to a leaker who has posted accurate information about numerous mobile devices in the past.

Pricing for the 256GB Galaxy Note 10 would start at €999 in Germany, a previous leak said, with the Plus model supposedly being priced at €1,149. But Ishan Agarwal says the phones will be €50 cheaper:

The 256GB Note 10 would cost €949, while the Note 10+ with the same capacity would be €150 more expensive. If you need more built-in storage for the Note 10+, you’d have to pay €1,199 for the 512GB version. Pricing will supposedly differ in different European countries, the leaker noted.

The Note 10 will be available in a 512GB version as well, while storage on the Note 10+ goes all the way up to 1TB, not including microSD memory expansion.

If these figures are accurate, then the Note 10 series might start at $949 or $1,099, depending on size. But they might be even cheaper than that. That’s because the cost between the two continents differs, however, as European prices also include sales tax, while US prices don’t.

No matter what the entry price of the Note 10 will be, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of some sweet deals during preorders. Samsung already has its trade-in page up, and carriers are working on BOGO deals for the handset. On top of that, you might be offered free accessories with your Note 10 preorder, including a choice between Galaxy Buds earphones or the Galaxy Watch. That’s something Samsung has yet to confirm, but leaked Note 10 imagery points in that direction. Not to mention that Samsung offered free Galaxy Buds during Galaxy S10 preorders as well.

Online sales will likely start soon after the press event next Wednesday, with the phone expected to ship on August 23rd.

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