Three Divorce legal guidelines problem difficult Supreme Courtroom, submitting petition looking for cancellation Legislation on triple talaq was challenged within the Supreme Courtroom and the Delhi Excessive Courtroom on Friday.



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Updated: Saturday, August 3, 2019, 0:58 (IST)

new Delhi. The new law on the recent three divorces by the Modi government was challenged in the Supreme Court on Friday. Kerala Jamiatul Ulema, a Muslim organization based in Kerala, filed a petition against the new law while a lawyer in the Delhi High Court. The petition filed in the Supreme Court against this law said that this law violates fundamental rights found in Article 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution. Therefore, this law should be declared unconstitutional.

Law on triple talaq was challenged in the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court on Friday.

All Kerala Jamiatul Ulma and Delhi's lawyer Shahil Ali have filed a petition against the bill and claim that the bills are contravened in Article 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution and should be rejected. All Kerala Jamiatul Ulema 'is an organization of Sunni Muslim scholars and clerics in Kerala. After the passage of law in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, the President has approved it and the petition has been filed against this newly created law on the next day.

The petition filed on behalf of the organization states that the law has been penalized, it is also based on religious identity for a particular class. If it is not stopped, then it will end cordiality in the society and will create polarization. Section 4 provides for punishment for 3 years, when the Muslim husband will speak three divorces. Under Section 7, it has been referred to as cognitive and non-bailable offense.

At the same time, the petition filed by Shahid Ali in the Delhi High Court has said that it will eliminate all the scope of agreement between husband and wife. President Ramnath Kovind approved three divorce bills on July 31, with the addition of three Divorce Act. This law will be deemed effective from September 19, 2018. Three divorce bills have already been passed before both Houses of Parliament.

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