US imposes 2nd spherical of sanctions on Russia over ex-spy poisonin | US ban on poisoning former spy, US second spherical ban on Russia

Washington: The US State Department has banned a second round of banning Moscow for a former Russian spy in the UK last March. The US had earlier banned Russia on this matter in August 2018. After this, US foreign aid, arms sales and Russia were financing closed.

According to the news agency Xinhua, the State Department said on Friday that under this second round of sanctions, the US will oppose loans to Russia by the International Financial Institutions, the non-ruble currency in the primary market share of Russian Sovereign Debt Banks will be banned and at the same time, the Russian government will stop lending to non-ruble currency and not by the Department of Commerce. Yantrit will introduce additional export licensing restrictions on goods and technology.

Indeed, in March 2018, Britain has accused Russian Russian citizens in their absence in an attempt to murder former Russian spy Sergei Scripol, in a Salisbury military-grade nerve agent (poison) in March 2018. Scripal became a dual agent for Britain. Russia has however denied any involvement in the event of poisoning.

A diplomatic war has begun between Russia and the West due to the case of Salisbury's poison.

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