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VIDEO: Sahil and Kaustubh by making the roof farm, incomes, you can even do that – Indian Startups Khetify powered rooftop farming know in Hindi | enterprise – Information in Hindi – jj

VIDEO: Sahil and Kaustubh by making the roof farm, incomes, you can even do that – Indian Startups Khetify powered rooftop farming know in Hindi | enterprise – Information in Hindi


Roof farming The idea is strange, but in many big cities including Delhi, this kind of farming is being done on the roof of buildings nowadays. Something similar Idea IIT Graduate Kaustubh Khare and Sahil Parikh have started their business. His company farming is farming only up to 19 thousand rupees for a 200 square meter roof and produces 700 kg of vegetables. Let's learn about them …

Cultivated with no soil and less water- Both of them have prepared a model that does not have soil consumption and water is also the least. To cultivate the roof, there is a water supply that is water-proof and there is no danger of dripping on the roof of the water. (Read also – Start of 50 thousand CCTV camera business, earning millions)

Equipped with biological material, these beans include Bhindi, Tomato, Brinjal, Fenugreek, Spinach, Chowai, Poi Greens and Chillies. Vegetables are also delicious because of the sweetness of the water.

In this, coconut shell (dry peel) is inserted mainly. Soil is not used for not having much weight on the roof and there is no problem for water leaking. In this garden, some mixing and mixing is done in addition to the coconut shell, so that the crop is fast and with quality. (read this also-You can take loans from these companies for business, Idea gives money when you like)You can also do so- The way the land is being reduced for cultivation, the demand for these rooms will be increased in the future; 4 ft by 4 ft. 4 fits, a family can grow the vegetable of their month's requirement. By applying time in one hour, these vegetables can be grown.

One way is also

With the increasing demand of fields and increasing demand for organic food products, the trend of new and effective techniques is increasing in urban farming. To fulfill the demand, businessmen and urban farmers are using the limited space available on rooftops, in the parking lot or anywhere. The technique which is most successful in these techniques, does not have the use of soil. Due to lack of soil, it can be easily used in small spaces on rooftops. This technique is so successful that you can grow vegetables worth Rs 2 lakh per year by spending about Rs 1 lakh with accurate information, correct advice. (Read also: These sisters make online learning Zoolariya, now sitting at home and doing business)

Roofing farming-This technique is called Hydroponics. The special point of this technique is that it does not use soil at all. This gives the necessary nutrients to plants directly to the roots of plants by water.

What is Hydipotics Technology- Vegetables are grown in hydroponics techniques without the help of soil. This requires the nutrients needed for plants directly to the roots of plants. Plants grow in a pipe with a multi layer frame and their roots are left in the water filled with nutrients in the pipes. Due to lack of water the load on the roof increases. At the same time, there is no separate change in the roof due to different systems. (These also read-from Papad business, earning big money, government will help millions of rupees)

New technology-Hypnotherapy is a new way to grow plants and it can be used by farmers or traders in different ways. At the same time, many companies working in this area can also help you establish from amateur garden to commercial farm. About this, the hydrophix company 'Our agriculture' tells that the ready-to-use frame and tower garden are selling online. The company has a place to plant 40 plants in the 2 meter high tower. According to the company, the cost of 10 towers with about 400 plants is close to 1 lakh. This price includes towers, systems and essential nutrients. According to the company, if the system is used correctly, then only the seeds and nutrients are spent. These 10 towers will easily stand in your roof 150 to 200 square feet area. Covering the frame placed on a small space and creating a poly-house for large-scale farming provides protection from the weather.

Great chance of earning
>> According to our agricultural company, these techniques can be a good way to give employment to people because their margins are better than conventional agriculture.

>> According to Sharma, a pod could yield 5 kg of lettuce (salad leaf) throughout the year. In such a way, yielding upto 10 towers i.e. 400 pod to 2000 kg can be obtained. At present, the price of the Lettuce is Rs 180 in India, according to Sharma, if the bulk in the amount of 100 rupees is also available then in good condition the yield of Rs 2 lakh per year is possible.

>> According to them, in simple situations, you can easily withdraw your investments in one year. The next year the return will be high because you only have to spend the maintenance, seeds and nutrients. That is, you can invest only 150 to 200 square feet of your roof in one year and get one lakh rupees from your investment.

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