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What’s the cluster bomb utilized by Pakistan to impose on India? – jj

What’s the cluster bomb utilized by Pakistan to impose on India?


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Pakistan has accused India of firing on the Line of Control, in which two people have died and 11 are injured. Pakistani military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi have tweeted on this.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi has tweeted that Indian security forces have used cluster bombs which is a violation of the Geneva Convention and International Law.

He wrote, "I condemn the use of cluster bombs made by the Indian Army by targeting civilians on the Line of Control, this is a violation of the Geneva Treaty and international laws."

After this, Quraishi tweeted the next and disturbed him as a regional peace distractionist. He wrote that India, which is spreading war, is not only destabilizing regional peace but also violating human rights on the Line of Control.

External Affairs Minister Quraishi has demanded from the countries of this world to take cognizance of the recent situation of the LoC and India-administered Kashmir.

At the same time, Pakistani military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor has also accused India of breaking the international agreement.

He wrote in a tweet, "The use of cluster bombs by the Indian army is a violation of international agreements and it is condemnable. No weapon can suppress the determination of Kashmiris to get their right to self-determination." The freedom struggle of the Kashmiris will be successful. "

The Indian Army has dismissed these allegations by Pakistan. The Indian Army has said that Pakistani forces continue to infiltrate and give them arms to the extremists.

It is further stated in the statement of the Indian Army that the Indian Army always responds to the response and such reaction is against the military checkpoints of the Pakistani army and the extremist intruders seeking help from them.

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What is the cluster bomb

Production and use of cluster bombs under the Geneva Convention is restricted but many countries and armies have been accused of using them in war or armed struggle.

These are considered dangerous because many small explosives coming out of the main bomb also carry harm to the targeted target.

This increases the fear of harming civilians during the conflict. Not only this, after the explosion of the main bomb, small explosives falling around can remain for long periods of time.

In such cases, even after the conflict is over, the incidents of loss of life and property can be seen in the grip of them.

These are used to kill anti-soldiers or to injure their vehicles. They can be dropped from fighters or launched from the ground.

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In both the Indo-Pak Treaty Not included

In 2008, the International Convention on the Convention on Cluster Munich in Dublin came into existence, under which there was a proposal to ban, sell or use cluster bombs.

Since December 3, 2008, the signatures were started and 108 countries had signed it till September 2018 while 106 took the theoretical consent in adopting it.

But many countries have opposed this treaty, including India, Pakistan, along with China, Russia, Israel and the United States. These two countries have not yet signed this treaty.

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