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What Actually Occurred: Mike Rivero Wednesday 7/16/19: At the moment's Information Discuss Present – jj

What Actually Occurred: Mike Rivero Wednesday 7/16/19: At the moment's Information Discuss Present

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  1. What was once safe neighborhoods are becoming dangerous third world like communities with crumbling pot riddled roads..Shortages in our food-markets..There was a stabbing today in Belmont Ma.Alot of people here walking around in Mideastern garb…I miss the days when Being Puerto Rican was "Foreign". I feel Like apple pie compared to all this foreign invASIAN!

  2. I have to agree with the call about the Fab 4 are not detested because of their immigration policies. That is only a cover. Trump wants to silence them because of their anti-Zionist message is resonating. As much as I dislike their immigration policies, Zionism is our biggest threat and for that I fully support the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse as Trump calls them. Nothing can be fixed until the dual citizens and Israeli influence are purged from our government. I will be voting Democrat just because I refuse to reward the incumbent ZOG regardless of party.

  3. The USA is unfixable in the present construct. That is 330 million of too diverse peoples cannot agree to work together to fix the problems. The evidence is obvious with the severe backbiting in Washington today. I propose a "peaceful divide". Break up the USA into 2 or even 4 nations. This way they can pursue their future in the way they desire. If not I foresee a very bitter Civil war 2 on the horizon.

  4. Terry who said America needs illegal immigrant farm workers to pick the fruit and vegetables cheaper than Americans do was a classic. He basically said he was in favor of having virtual slaves picking stuff out in the fields. Where did we hear that before???

  5. WOW , this caller Joe at min 21 , praise Donald Duck/trump the Baby Killer sooo much " how smart he is the way he calls names everyone else , but he dose NOT See the Baby Killer with that remark managed to Unify them Democraps , now they don't fight among them self's like they use do . SO !! That is NOT a smart move he made and about Iran if he did that it shows how Dumb or Village Idiot he is , One he pull out of a treaty and later crawl's back to negotiations . . .

  6. Bet your ass they will release Epstein! Why? They need him dead! All the people of power will never allow him to nark! They tried to kill him the other day..ny power outage. That was a setup to take his ass out. They failed. I assure you the judge is a mason and the click has well control over him! He won't make 24hrs if released! …youll NEVER find his body! Pedos walk Scott free!

    Now today DC! ….another outage… Think files.

  7. This disgusting pile of pus is still spewing lies, mis-information and the CIA script … drinking himself into dipsomania … this creep is sociopathic … is that why you all listen to him? or is it just your low IQ's

  8. Joe from Tennessee is probably one of the smartest callers that call in. Sad to see so many people hate our president. I like his calm demeaner and posivity. Unlike the other callers he's not all upset and ready to hit the bunkers lol.

  9. WOW TRUMP HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR YOU SPOILED AMERICANS….look at all the regulations he cut….look at all the conservative judges he appointed/fed. judges… look at all the states that are down with drug over doses ….your now energy Independence and now the biggest oil exporters of the world and natural gas.shut down the funding for ISIS.we dont hear about them anymore..and so much more ;;;; i can go on and on ….I WISH YOU GUYS WOULD OF GOT HILLARY and Canada got Donald Trump….Im from Canada and everyone here is working against the guy ….from MSM AND GOV. AND THE MOVIE INDUSTRY AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND THE NEWS PAPERS ect. he is only one man….who is helping him??????? AND EVERYONE IS AGAINST HIM IN HIS COUNTRY

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