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10 Methods Mac OS is simply BETTER – jj

10 Methods Mac OS is simply BETTER


1: That has to be a fucking joke. Sure it has its upsides, but it has WAYY more downsides than up.
2: Windows can do virtual desktops too. The touchpad is nice, sure, but that has nothing to do with point 2a.
3: Yea… Windows search sucks. ill give this to you.
4: Its because apple users are dumb, and need these kinds of things, but yea, they are easy to use, so, sure, have the point.
5: Thats only because Apple locked down the OS and you fucking know it! You COULD make virtual MACOS on your windows, if not for Apple’s security!
6: Unix is cool, okay, fair enough. Xcode is nothing new, you can do that in most things where you can write code. bullcrap!
7: There are other things that work like that on windows, but, it doesn’t immediately, so, okay, have the point. Virtualbox already does that. Dunno about other similar programs, but Virtualbox, at the very least, can also do that. Can’t argue with that, i have never edited videos before, can’t tell the difference between programs like that. Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt and the point.
8: You have to be kidding. Go on ali express, and try to find a type of gadget. I fucking doubt that you wont find it. Dbrand skins are available for some razer and such laptops too, no? Lack of options being a good thing? Christ.
9: ?????????????? Money has nothing to do with these things….. Microsoft wants to cram it down your throat, okay, thats a fair jab, but this has nothing to do with the price? Like come on…. Also, Apple sells your data just like microsoft, so they are equivally bad. Not to mention that Apple is sneakier about it….
4.16/10 points. I split different numbers into equival amount of points, so for example for point 7, i gave him 2 third of a point.
Also, side note: I dont care whose side you’re on, but videos like this only exist to profit heavily from, at the cost of causing yet another war in your comment section. Fucking hell.

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