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Above Floor Automated Pool Cleaner Fundamental Set up – jj

Above Floor Automated Pool Cleaner Fundamental Set up


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  1. I brought my vacuum in the fall of last year so that it can help to clean the dirt that has fell to the bottom of my pool. Summer has started and I still can't get it to work. I have called Hayward brought a new cartridge filter, tested the pressure with gauge everything seems fine I feel suction at the bottom the little feet move but the vacuum does not move. My pool bottom is flat and I have a Hayward cartridge filter system. I'm so sad can anyone please help I am ruining my kids summer.

  2. The video states to make sure to use the handle so you don't damage it if the hoses to pull out. The one I purchased Wanda whale does not have a handle and the tail comes off if you hold it by the tail. My question why would you make a statement about damaging the product I purchased if not using the handle if it doesn't have a handle? Very difficult to get in and out of the pool without a handle. Poor product because of this. Very irritating when the tail keeps falling off also, I realize this was not a $400 unit but for $150 and being a Hayward I would expect better.

  3. we have the intex above ground pool, and the 2500 gph krystal clear pump filter.  We have tried everything to get Wanda to work, and it will just not move.  filter cartridge is brand new, we tried hooking it up into the skimmer, and without the skimmer.  Wanda wont move.  Is the 2500 gph  strong enough to move her?

  4. My pool has a salt system, do I shut the salt water system off? The pump puts it through the salt system which turns it into chlorine with out the smell… I do not see a way to disconnect the salt system. Plus the top skimmer holds a filter there and then there is a bigger filter with the pump I had to buy for the salt system, it is a definite upgrade. I do not have leaves. Also putting water in the hose can be done with the the water coming in it is a spout to remove air. I have a flat plate that goes on top of the skimmer and the hose for cleaning is put on there for suction. That is how I have been cleaning , but I wanted an automatic because of my Ra and joints.. There is a few wrinkle.. My pool is 18 ft round.Help?

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