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Apple Card Can’t Be Used to Purchase Bitcoin – jj

Apple Card Can’t Be Used to Purchase Bitcoin


The Apple credit card, which was issued together with Goldman Sachs, cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrencies, lottery tickets, casino chips, or to make bets at the racetrack. Also, an Apple credit card most likely will not be able to work correctly on the iOS device with the jailbreak.

Source: Theverge.com

iPhone users will be able to issue a card through the Wallet application, which will receive support for Apple Card as part of the upgrade of the operating system to iOS 12.4. Using a card, its owners will be able to return 1% of the amount of the purchase made using a physical card, 2% of the amount of the purchase made through Apple Pay, and 3% of the amount of purchases or Apple services.

Apple and Goldman Sachs shared responsibilities for the card development project. The technology giant has prepared an Apple Card design and software interface for the iPhone. The investment bank, in turn, is directly responsible for the operation of the card, processing transactions and collecting information for reports.

As previously reported, the release of the Apple Card will begin in the first half of August.

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