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Blu Ray drive for Mac Professional – jj

Blu Ray drive for Mac Professional


When I started buying a lot of bluray movie discs in 2011, I was mostly using Samsung bluray drives. Back then LiteOn, Sony, and Panasonic were still making their own bluray computer drives too. (I reget not buying any of these older bluray drive models).

(Before 2011, I had very little to no interest in dvd and bluray).

As far as I can tell from experience and reading technical tests on manyvarious bluray drives, I get the impression many of these older bluray drives were “riplocked”. By “riplock”, the drive is not reading the discs at its maximum speed, usually done deliberately to make it less compelling for ripping bluray or dvd discs.

For example on my Samsung bluray drives, it usually took around 45-50 minutes to rip a 45-50 gigabytes sized bluray disc to an iso (such as the original + prequel Star War trilogies blurays). On my Pioneer or LG internal drives, these same 50 gigabytes sized bluray discs only took 30 minutes to rip the isos.


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