Bugatti Veyron: Was Multi Million Greenback Automotive Crash Insurance coverage FRAUD ?

Bugatti Veyron: Was Multi Million Dollar Car Crash Insurance FRAUD ? An insurance company claims an East Texas man intentionally drove a Bugatti Veyron, …



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  1. He would have gotten away with it if he just played dumb and said nothing. People wreck all the time. No need for elaborate stories. A simple "I'm not sure what happened" would have sufficed. Idiot

  2. Why in the world would they insure it for 2 X the price to replace it? My ins carrier would definitely not do it….heck when it comes down to it, I doubt I'd get what it's worth if something happened to it!

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  4. Rich people use disgusting tricks to double their money, nearly everything they buy earns them more money.


    Money makes money but people like this should be punished and a huge fine to be donated to a children's hospital.

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