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The common way to bring positiveity with fragrance is to burn incense or incense. This environment is widely used to make the sacred. To start this business, a lot of money is needed. So it can be easily started. In India, the price of agarbatti making machine ranges from Rs 35000 to Rs 1.75 lakh. With this machine you can make 150 to 200 agarbattis in 1 minute. Let's tell you how you can start Agarbati's business and how much you will benefit from doing it.

Cost of incense making machine

In India, the price of agarbatti making machine ranges from 35 thousand to 1.75 lakh rupees. The low-cost machine is low in production and you will not get much profit from it. My suggestion is that you start working with the Agarbatti Automator Machine as it makes the Agarbatta very fast. Automated machine costs up to Rs 90 thousand to 1.75 lakh. An automatic machine becomes 100 kilograms agarbattis a day.

Incense maker

Many types of machines are used in making Agarbatti. These include a mixer machine, dryer machine and main production machine. The mixer machine works to make a raw material paste and the main production machine works on bamboo wrapping paste. Agarbatti making machine is semi-complete and also automatic. After choosing the machine, deal with the suppliers of the machines and install the installation budget according to the budget. It is also necessary to take training to work on machines.

Supply of agarbatty raw materialsAfter the machine installation, contact the market's good suppliers for the supply of raw materials. To get a list of good suppliers, you can get help from people who already have business in an agarbatti industry. Raw material should always be supplied slightly more than usual because some part of it also goes to the wasteage. Ingredients for making agarbatti include gum powder, charcoal powder, bamboo, nargis powder, aromatic oils, water, cents, flower petals, sandalwood, gelatine paper, shaw dust, packing material etc. Read also: PM will announce 3000 rupees pension for farmers on August 15!

Packaging & Marketing

Your product sells on attractive design packing. Consult a packaging expert for packing and make your packaging attractive. Try to touch the religious mood of the people through packaging. To market agarbattis, advertisements can be given in newspapers, TVs. Apart from this, if your budget allows, then make the company's online website.

Business can start in 13 thousand

You can start this business by hand-building at home with a cost of Rs 13,000, but if you are thinking of starting the agarbatti business by installing a machine, then it costs up to Rs 5 lakh in starting May seem.

Focus on making a different product

Your product should get good prices in the market, so try to bring uniforms in the product. If you do something new in this business, then it will not take long to become a brand.

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