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$Calculating Your Revenue$ How To Hotshot HOW2HOTSHOT.COM – jj

$Calculating Your Revenue$ How To Hotshot HOW2HOTSHOT.COM

Joe shares tricks on how to quickly and roughly calculate when a load will work financially or not.



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  1. Here is the game in my nutshell of understanding, fuel is everything, and rates on fuel go up when the market charges more, so number 1, always charge and ask for more, #2, always improve your fuel economy, and YES, there are many ways to massively do this. #3. Foundations, form a foundation for your company. #4. haul short distances, awesome pay! Good luck my trucking friends! oh, and last thing, watch out for the scammers and always check credit and get paid fast!

  2. That made no sense at all. Taxes come off in the end. Fuel isn't that expensive. Keep receipt and at the end of the year get the $500 accountant.

    As a bonus roll your money into rental property where you can play with the numbers in such a way you make more money and pay less in taxes.

  3. Hey Joey I like videos your very detail about things . I have a question I'm going to start to hotshot hauling cars I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 can that truck haul 25k pounds ? I've seen Dodge Ram haul more then 30k pounds is there a type of mod that they do ? Or do they push the trucks limit until it breaks ?

  4. That doesn't make any sense if 1/3 tax and 1/3 fuel and 1/3 other expenses that leaves $0.00 for you however on a ram 3500 you can get about 14 mpg freeway and for 2800 miles at $2.50 a gallon that's $500 not $1000 and tax you can deduct lots of things and you end up paying way less you should make at least 30% clean

  5. Joe, I have a CDL and i have decided to go into the Hot Shot Business. I live an hour outside of Los Angeles. Can you tell if hauling Cars in my area would be the best option or should i purchase a flatbed?

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