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CHALENE JOHNSON is releasing her latest home fitness workout program through fitness giant Beachbody expected to release Summer of 2014. Chalene Johnson is a Guiness Book of World record holder for the most fitness and workout videos, a New York Times Best Selling Author and the creator and star of multiple number one fitness infomercial. She is the creator of many health club group fitness programs such a Turbo Jam, Turbo Kick, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Hustle, and PiYo. The home workout version of PiYo has been reworked and tweaked to give those who need a full body workout that delivers flexibility, core training, body sculpting and a big calorie burn in one intense, yet short workout that’s easy on the joints but delivers big results. Johnson created this program for those who really are not very comfortable or feel out of place in a yoga or pilates workout but desire a big sweat and serious results and need flexibility. Johnson created PiYo to answer the demand for those who need flexibility but don’t like all the rules and rigid poses of Yoga or the dancer background that many feel they need to succeed in Pilates. With Piyo there are no rules. This fusion style workout delivers athletic stretch, dynamic movement and the deep stretch that so many need. Finally a program that restores the body as opposed to beating up your joints or pounding your feet and knees. With PiYo you sculpt your body by using your body weight. Johnson’s new program is set to be released by Beachbody in the sumer of 2014. Industry experts have been a buzz about this program due to the amazing transformations and unique approach to this athletic style fusion workout mixed with Chalene’s incredible knack for mixing and fusing motivational music with her unparalleled ability to get people to do more. No equipment s needed but you’re certain to experience something unlike anything available today! Coming Summer 2014. Join the newsletter at http://www.chalenejohnson.com


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  1. I am LOVING PIYO!  I am starting week 4 and am more agile than I have been in years.  I am old enough to be Chalene's Mom and I am doing all the moves.  It is no impact which it great for older joints or those with injuries.  

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