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Chennai: Have two girls been taken out of the resort on account of homosexuality? – jj

Chennai: Have two girls been taken out of the resort on account of homosexuality?


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Two women living in Chennai have accused a hotel on July 28 that they had gone to party in the hotel, but the hotel got them out.

Both women are a lesbian couple and they say that they were taken out of the hotel for this reason.

Rasika Gopalakrishnan wrote about this incident on her Facebook page, "On Saturday, July 28, I went to the slate hotel bar with my girlfriend, I was dancing with my partner and we saw four or five people Those who were staring us His stare in this way was extremely uncomfortable to us. As I could see that everyone was enjoying there but people's eyes were on us.

"We did not understand why we got such a lot of people. Why is it so difficult for people to digest that the two girls are dancing together? "

"We were on the way to the washroom and I was feeling that the stunning eyes are following me.

After a while, the washroom door was knocked out loud and the voice came out from the outside! ''

"When we opened the door, four bouncers were standing in front and a female bouncer was also there. They asked us what we were doing in the washroom. They accused us that we were 'doing something else' in the washroom. We were told that many of our grievances have received them from the guests. Those people asked us to leave the hotel immediately. "

"After all, what were these complaints received? I am extremely curious to know. Did we hurt somebody, did we fight or abused somebody by anyone? We were not doing anything like this so that nobody was troubled, yet we were thrown out of the hotel bar without informing us for any reason. Such behavior of the hotel staff can not be accepted. "

"I am sad about the thought that is kept about those people who do something different from ordinary and ordinary things. He was blaming us for something that I did not do. "

The BBC tried to talk to Rasika on this matter but they refused to talk. After this the BBC contacted The Slate Hotel and wanted to know their opinion on the matter.

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On behalf of the management of The Slate, the BBC was told, "We have been serving our customers for the past 27 months. The issues related to sexuality and gender are very personal and we respect them. We respect every kind of love, we respect not only gay relationships but also support. "

"Two people are writing on social media about us and some mainstream media institutions are promoting these unprofessional crimes without knowing our version. ''

"As far as that night is concerned, on that day two college girls were dancing after a few drinks. Other clients became uncomfortable with their dance-style After this both the girls closed themselves in the same washroom. One of our customers had to use the same washroom.

"Our female staff politely requested that the girls should come out of the washroom. There was no male bouncer there. We have an eyewitness account of this incident. "

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