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Christian Boeving – "Arnold" Curl (Bodybuilding) – jj

Christian Boeving – "Arnold" Curl (Bodybuilding)

Bodybuilding Superstar Christian Boeving shows you the very fitness exercises he uses to develop his perfectly sculpted shoulders, chest and biceps. As an extra bonus, he reveals his workout philosophy, posing between sets to inspire and encourage you to achieve your own training success!

Today: “arnold” curl for biceps
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  1. Christian has a great body and great knowledge, Watch his interviews on the Gregory Mantell show, He's a proper down to earth honest dude. He got in a little trouble before when he admitted he used steroids which if you ask me is pretty noble of him as most of the other guys bullshit.

  2. Glad I uncovered this film. Love You tube due to this type of information…My best friend used to be bullied. He stated he was planning to grow muscles. I laughed at him because I didn't believe him…. But then out of nowhere he added 40 pounds of natural muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. He does not get bullied any longer. I personally signed up last week. See what will happen. And this mans emails are great!!!

  3. this is the kind of excercises that work, coming from a people who knows and the most important thing "who are ripped".. not that youtube videos of skinny guys working out and just delaying my search for new exercises.. congratz.. greatjob

  4. come out with more videos…really helpfull….can you do chest workouts…i find the chest hard to develope the pectorals, and my left pectoral is bigger than my right…so how can i make my right pectoral just as big as my left….i start lifting weights about 2 months ago

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