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Coinsurance for Property Insurance coverage Defined – jj

Coinsurance for Property Insurance coverage Defined

Geoff Gordon, representative of Andrew G.Gordon, Inc., summarizes the functions and workings of Coinsurance through an online whiteboard lesson.



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  1. Bill had his house built 2 years ago for 80k the same house would cost 100k to build today there was a 30k loss and bill has a 250k mortgage and 85k worth of insurance on the house how much will the insurance pay?

  2. Nice!!! Excellent video…. I was hoping that you were going to take the next step, but maybe that was obvious to most or maybe I am just wrong… If the insurer insures for at least 800,000, then in the example if the claim was for $100,000, then the insurance company would have covered the whole $100,000 instead of just the $75,000 in the previous example…. In either case, thanks for sharing your experience.

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