FF 186 – Libertarians in Residing Rooms Consuming Liquor – Darkish Net, Trump and Crony Drug Firms

Today’s episode is yet another awesome edition of our hit format “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor.” John is joined by Raylene Lightheart, the …


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  1. Prostitution being legal solves little and just furthers and hastens the fall of society. It is sort of amazing how clueless people can be about human social dynamics. Yes in a libertarian view point people should be free to do what they want with their bodies but this idea (which I have agreed with in the past) operates in a vacuum.

    It is well known that promiscuity is a destructive dynamic, especially for human women. We are not bonobo monkeys, this is not how we advance our society of which the fundamental building block is a whole family. You want to be a truly happy and complete person? Get married and start a family, do this with the help and support of the extended family. This is the path to happiness and a stable and successful society.

    Don't believe me or think I am just a puritan? Then explain and excuse the massive destruction of African Americans at the hand of egalitarian welfare ideology. This is arguably the single most racist and destructive attack upon any group of Americans ever.

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