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Galaxy First Look occasion confirms “Superfast Cost” on the Samsung Galaxy Word 10 – jj

Galaxy First Look occasion confirms “Superfast Cost” on the Samsung Galaxy Word 10


Samsung is gearing up to launch its Galaxy Note 10 series in a couple of days. Since the brand has such a huge following, many fans never get the chance to attend the launch events. If you live in New York, Samsung usually hosts a “Galaxy First Look” event at its Samsung 837 location. This year is no different, and while I was checking out the event description I noticed that Samsung inadvertently confirmed a rumored feature: “Superfast Charge” on the Note 10.

At first, the mention of Superfast Charge might not seem like a big deal. That is until you remember that the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ supports Samsung’s (slow) “Adaptive Fast Charging” while only the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy A80 support 25W “Superfast Charge.” This official Samsung event page thus confirms that the company’s next flagship will sport faster wired charging. While the page doesn’t show the exact specification, it is likely to be a minimum of 25W and possibly up to 45W as was previously rumored.

Interestingly, this page also mentions Intelligent Battery, Wireless PowerShare, and the next-generation S Pen. The Intelligent Battery feature was released back with the Samsung Galaxy S10. This feature optimizes your battery life based on location and open apps. Wireless PowerShare is Samsung’s reverse wireless charging solution that you can use to wirelessly charge accessories like the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The next-generation S Pen is rumored to have longer battery life for its Bluetooth features, Air Motion gestures, and more Air Mouse features in Samsung DeX.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Forums

If you’ve never heard of Samsung 837, it’s one of the coolest “stores” that any phone company has. This isn’t a traditional store, but rather it is more of a community center. It shows off all of Samsung’s flagship devices, has “activations” to show off new features in flagship phones, and it also hosts concerts and gaming competitions. There are even free phone cases for owners of their latest devices. Samsung 837 is definitely a fun place to check out the newest devices that Samsung has to offer.

If you are interested in going to this event to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on the Saturday after Samsung Unpacked, you can RSVP at the link below. Samsung will provide food and drinks and host a Q&A session about the newest devices. The event starts at 1:45PM and ends at 3:00PM. Attendance is on a first come, first served basis.

Galaxy First Look event @ Samsung 837

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