Govinda breaks his silence on Web trolling for Avtar | Govinda, fed up with trolling on the Hollywood film 'Avatar' provide, gave the reply!


new Delhi: Recently a Govinda The TV show said that In Hollywood's debut hit 'Avatar', he had a roll offer which he turned down. Govinda's statement made Tehelka on the entire social media. Since then, Govinda was trolling on social media. After so many days that Govinda is fed up with trollers, So now he himself But the answer to those who questioned has been answered.

Govinda, however, is not active on social media. But now in a fresh interview he told that his daughter Tina had given information about the ongoing posts against him. According to our partner website, Govinda said, "I am not active on social media but my daughter Tina shares this all with me. Yes, I can understand that people should be thinking that how did Govinda not tell James Cameron's film?

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Govinda further said, 'I respect the views of all of them. They all are free to keep their thoughts but people are saying that how Govinda can get the offer of James Cameron, that is not right. It is not that I have no such thing. '

Govinda also talked about the mind coming forward and said, 'How can the tea wheel grow further? How can TV actors come in movies? It's the same kind of thinking and it's wrong. Do not believe if you do not believe, but do not say anything about me. '

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In fact, Bollywood actor Govinda had just gone on a show in a news channel, where he talked about his career, personal life and every issue. Meanwhile, Govinda told that he had received an offer to roll in one of the biggest hits of the world in 'Avatar', which he had turned down. Since then, people are constantly making fun of Govinda on social media.

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