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Coronary heart embryology video – jj

Coronary heart embryology video

This classic 9 minute animation is from the film “Congenital Malformations of the Heart” made in 1951 at the University of Washington by Drs. Robert Rushmer and Richard Blandau.
This restoration was made from Dr. Blandau’s personal copy of the film, using the best available film scanning technology. For this restoration a new voice-over was made, using the same words and timing as in the original film.
Thanks to the University of Washington Special Collections, for permission to make this restoration available online.


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  1. Just about to start my cardio block in a few weeks time and was recommended to get a good grip on embryology early. So glad I found this, HOLY COW! Everything makes so much sense and it will be so much easier to understand cardio now ?

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