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How Do Kidney Stones Kind? How Can We Forestall Them? – jj

How Do Kidney Stones Kind? How Can We Forestall Them?

Learn about the causes of kidney stones and ways of preventing them.

Click HERE to learn about Surgical Treatment Options for Stones:



lithotripsy – stone breaking
endoscopy – treating stones by using small cameras that can be placed via penis or women’s pee hole (urethra) and can be moved all the way up to the kidney to see the stone and break it with a small laser
percutaneous treatment – treatment of stones by entering the kidney through a small cut in the back that tunnels directly into the kidney


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  1. Im 18 years old male and i juts pee one of this. but it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo painful that i had to go to the hospital and it lasted for a good 4 hours of Intense!! pain. and im not kidding when i say that it hurt that bad. 

  2. The reasons for making a stone may differ between individuals. Doing a special 24 hour urine test like the one done by litholink com will give you more information on what may help to prevent a stone besides hydration alone. Ask your physician to refer you to a urologist who specializes in stone prevention, particularly those who are trained in Endourology.

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